The One School Goa

The One School Goa was launched in July 2013 and the r first batch of 18 students have graduated!  New courses have been announced!

Creative media & entertainment industry is the largest area for growth in India, growing at an exponential rate, with new talent in constant demand to create high quality engaging content for viewers to experience across both traditional and newly developing platforms. Thus there is no better time for a premium Creative Media School to come up in our country. The approach of this school will be holistic, rather than just technical.‘Learn. Teach. Work.’ is our philosophy. All courses are taught by working industry professionals. We are setting new standards for Photography and Multimedia education in India.

Founded by India’s pre-eminent fashion photographer Shantanu Sheorey. Founding team includes Yours truly and Amit Sheokand. Click here to visit the website

A film on the The One School Goa – The next Shakespeare is going to be a Photographer






7 thoughts on “The One School Goa

  1. Sir, i have recieved an interview call from the Institute and my parents concern is that is this Institute affiliated to any university or is three year course a proper undergraduate degree course which will be recognized by other institutions if we apply for masters course there.

    • Rajiv, Don’t worry. In photography, cinematography, film making or any other visual arts, no one really looks at your degree. Your work that matters. And one of our students who had graduated in 2015 has been accepted at a school in Italy and she is already pursuing a course in fashion photography there..For your and your parents’ information, I don’t have any degree.. I have studied only till 12th standard. I have had no problems in that department in the last 30 years of professional life. Neither not having a degree come in the way of co-authoring the curriculum for India’s first three year programme in photography!

  2. Hello Sir,

    My query too is similar to Rajiv Malu. Your 3 year Photography course states it’s a Diploma Course. Finially students when they are out of the Photography Institue will hold a Diploma Couse Certificate. If a student wants to pursue a Masters in Photography from an international Institute, his Diploma certificate will not be considered. We would appreciate if your Institue converts it into a Degree Couse which will add value to the child’s future prospects.


    • Dear Sandhya,
      One of our students who completed the course in July 2015, went to Italy to do her masters course and is on the verge of completing it. Graduate Diploma did not pose any problems in getting admission for her..

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