I am a Bangalore based photographer and India is my canvas. I have been photographing the life and times of my country and parts of the sub continent for the last 25 years. I have been commissioned by publications as varied as New York Times to Newsweek of Japan – from over 20 countries.

I love to do really long term projects. UNSUNG – about people who have made extraordinary contributions to society against personal odds began in 2004. I published it in the form of a book in 2007. It helped raise over Rs.8.5 million for the causes of the heroes featured in the book. The second book will be published this year. Do visit – http://www.unsung.in

From 2007, I worked on a book project on the city I live – Bangalore. Its a collection of projections from my conscious and subconscious mind. Through my photographs, I explored how the city had changed in the last 25 years. It is also an impassioned plea to support the arts and creativity to drive the true growth of Bangalore. I self publish my books and this book – Bangalore/Bengaluru – In First Person Singular is on the stands since February 2012

I do a lot of corporate photography – documentary, portraits and architecture. I have done assignments for  Accenture, Brigade Group, Clearpoint Learning, Bosch, BP, HP, IBM, Mckinsey, Mindtree, Project Management Institute, Shell, Valspar Global…etc.

I am an assignment photographer with Getty Images and represented by Global Photo Associates, NYC. I have also worked with and work with Polaris Images and Agence Vu.
I am the co-founder and head of photography school at The One School Goa, a newly launched media school in Goa, India.



Copyright : Copyright of all photographs and text belongs to Mahesh Bhat, unless otherwise mentioned. All Rights Reserved.


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