Fairies live here

Abandoned homes with their sea shell windows stand next to beautiful Goan homes, well looked after. Paths lead to the forests on the hills. Light filters through the leaves as children go home. It seems like fairies live here.
The village of Uccasaim in north Goa, right behind  The One School Goa

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Goa Drowning?

As the population and tourism and the number of  packaged goods  increase – so does garbage. Mega cities of India have already drowned in the garbage they create. Goa too is slowly heading in that path. The little village of Bastora is not in the tourist map. And there is no garbage management plan per se.  The picture on the left of the diptych can be used in a picture post card on Bastora. But if you walk few feet from to the left, rotting and not so rotting garbage comes into the view. Plastic wrappers, condoms, plastic bags, insulin syringes..etc..etc. What do we do? What do we do?